Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A "confession bear" moment

Few feelings are as rewarding as that of wanting to write a great book and, after a considerable amount of work, actually writing one.

"Brasiliana", my third book, is massive, sweet, entertaining and just d#mn good! I must confess I suffer for having, right now, three great works that Brazilians largely ignore (literally "ignore": they don't even make an effort to open and read them!).

Spiritually and historically, I'm okay, for I know I've "bought" my place in History with these three works. However, living under the constant stress of (mundane) failure and humiliation from my Brazilian peers is no fun at all.

The most agonizing thing in the world, thus, is having made good, but never being recognized for the good you've made. It's biblically sadistic. #NotFunAtAllGod

Well, It's a relief to take that out of my chest. Sorry if I bummed anybody down. You will surely be cheered up when my first works start coming out at:

I wish you all a great, wondrous night! :D Here, take three hearts for sweet dreams: <3 <3 <3

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